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Ed Kress
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Are your students really ready for the
college experience and what lies beyond?

Did you know that one in five women are assaulted during their college career? (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner [2000]. “The sexual victimization of college women,” Washington: NIJ/BJS.)

Did you know that
male college students were more than twice as likely to be victims of overall violence than female students? (U.S. Department of Justice, National Crime Victimization Survey, January 2005, NCJ 206836)

ACT in Self-Defense is a training program designed for high school seniors and college freshmen. It is NOT a simple lecture based presentation, but an interactive “give and take” with students, involving them in the presentation to model various street and campus situations which they are likely to encounter.


Drawing on over 25 years as a martial arts and self defense instructor with the Degerberg Academy in Chicago and with help from local law enforcement officials and directors of campus security, I developed a program which focuses on teaching personal safety not only on the streets, but as it relates to the college experience.

The course development began when my son left for college and I learned first hand how little time is devoted to educating incoming freshmen about basic personal awareness, safety and self-defense. It usually boils down to a 20-minute presentation, which they may not even be required to attend. By the time my daughter left for college, I had begun teaching the ACT in Self-Defense course to high school and college students.

"Mr. Kress has conducted “Street Smart” seminars for our students the past two years with nothing but positive reviews. Ed takes you to the street with his common sense approach to avoiding trouble. His information is timely and up to date. He lets you know what the predators are looking for and how to avoid them. Ed's martial arts background also allows him to show the students simple techniques to keep people from invading their space. Ed is “Street Smart”.

Dan Gooris
Director of Campus Safety
North Park University
Chicago, IL

Topics Include:

General Safety
Examples: What is the proper distance I should maintain between myself, and an approaching stranger? What is the quickest exit out of the building from this room?

Situational Awareness
Examples: What do I do if I think I am being followed? Should I accept a drink from someone I don't know? What action do I take if I feel threatened by the approach of a stranger on the street? What if someone threatens me with a gun?

Examples: What actions would I be willing to take to protect my life or that of a friend or loved one? What would trigger me to start a fight where serious injury could result?

Date Rape Drug Awareness

Acquaintance/Date Rape Awareness

Boundary Lowering Tactics used by Predators

Self Defense Tactics & Topics

The program can be adapted to your specifications and time requirements.

"I've had the opportunity to work with Coach Kress in a school setting over the past 4 years. His program is incredibly effective and informative. The students really connect well with Coach Kress and like the way he approaches the training. Every year without fail, students rate Coach Kress' program as one of the best presentations of the school year. It is obvious to the staff that the positive response is due to the interactive and entertaining nature of his program and how well he relates to the students. Coach Kress' presentation is packed with important and timely information about how students can keep themselves safe in high school, college and beyond. He uses examples from the news about teens that put themselves in compromising positions to demonstrate the gravity and importance of self-awareness and safety. Students walk away from Coach Kress' program feeling more prepared and informed. I would highly recommend this program to any school that is dedicated to the safety of their students."

Susan Close, M.A., LPC
College Consultant
Close College Consulting
Mount Prospect, IL

For more information, contact:

Ed Kress
(847) 910-2169

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