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63-year old victim fights back against muggers – Part 1

South Shore at Night by mindfrieze

You have more years behind you than ahead of you, using a cane to get around after having had a couple of strokes, and while you are waiting for a bus on Chicago’s south side a group of young men jump you from behind and start hitting you as they grab your phone, how would you respond?

Would you just stay on the ground and do your best to protect yourself while they go through your pockets and take whatever they can find or would you do what Mr. Sidney Tyson did?

What did Mr. Tyson do? He started fighting back. He threw an elbow at one of the assailants… To read more click here.

Ed Kress
For over 40 years Ed Kress has been an instructor and student at the Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts, named "Best Overall Martial Arts School” worldwide by Black Belt Magazine. Master Fred Degerberg awarded Ed his 7th degree Black Belt in 2015. Growing up on Chicago’s Southside, Ed learned early in life to pay attention to his surroundings in order to avoid potentially dangerous people and situations. With the help of local law enforcement officers and directors of campus security, Ed developed a program focused on personal safety on the streets, and as it relates to the high school and college experience. Ed has trained thousands of adult men and women as well as high school and college students to improve their personal and situational awareness and, when necessary, how to physically defend themselves using their brains and a wide variety of martial arts techniques.

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