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Is Chicago’s heat wave responsible for the increase in violence?

Is the current heat wave in Chicago exacerbating the already high number of shootings that have occurred in the city’s neighborhoods? The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that fifteen people were shot and wounded in just 6 hours on the streets of Chicago. It was another hot day in the city with temperatures in the upper […]

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CTA robberies may be down but robbers seem more vicious

Most passengers continue to be totally oblivious to what is going on around them. That type of behavior will not only increase their chances of being robbed, but could end up endangering their physical well-being and possibly the life of an innocent bystander.

How might your lack of attention get someone else injured or killed?

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63-year old fights back against muggers – Part 2

Seniors citizens are prime targets for a strong-arm robber. Muggers assume seniors are frail and defenseless and will be easy marks for a strong-arm robbery, but not this time. They didn’t count on Sidney Tyson’s willingness to go down fighting. Mr. Tyson was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. As he began to […]