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Watch out as we fall back. There is danger in the earlier darkness.

This drowsiness can also affect our perception of what is going on around us. You might not be as aware of potentially dangerous people lurking nearby in places that were highly visible the previous week, but now make a good hiding place due to the early darkness.

Are your solar eclipse sunglasses counterfeit?

The solar eclipse on August 21st will be the first to cross the entire United States in almost 100 years. Millions of people will be descending on areas of the United States that many people have never heard of before, hoping to catch a glimpse of the full solar eclipse. Some of them may end […]

Self Defense Workshop

You will learn how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous people, places and situations at work, school, home and on the streets.

Self-Defense advice for commuters

I was recently asked by Science of Skill to respond to the question below. *Q: “My wife commutes nearly one hour to and from work, and she works in the city where I am afraid something might happen. Do you advise women to carry mace? What other women’s self defense advice do you have?” My […]

Halloween safety: Beware of distracted drivers

Just because you have the right to cross the street doesn’t mean you should.  You may be in the right.  You just don’t want to be dead right!

Don’t open the Door!

A young woman, living near DePaul University, heard a knock at the door to her apartment. When she went to answer it she found herself staring at a man wearing a ski mask and displaying a handgun.

Are students prepared for the dark side of high school and college?

It’s that time again. The kids are heading back to school and some moms and dads are having mixed emotions as their sons and daughters head off to what awaits them in high school or college. Along with the pride that fills a parents heart there is also fear. It was hard enough keeping them […]

4th woman attacked in Midlothian:

It has been just over a week since the last attack took place near the Metra Station in Midlothian. It was the fourth attack in as many weeks. The first attack took place July 20th and the most recent on August 10th. According to ABC News the victims said their attacker punched and beat them […]

Average citizens have been stepping up and helping fight crime

Earlier this month two citizens witnessed a carjacking on Rush Street and followed the suspect until he crashed the car into a nearby taxi then restrained him until police arrived. Several times in the last few months average citizens have been responding to calls for help from victims of violent crime, and in some cases […]

The one that got away!

You may have been following the story of rapist/murderer John Gardner and how he recently pleaded guilty in order to avoid the death sentence.  He raped and murdered two young girls.  There may be more victims that we will never know about, but there is one woman, Candice Moncayo, who was attacked by Gardner who […]