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Sandusky case a wake up call for parents

What should you be looking for? What are some of the characteristics of a pedophile?

Fights escalate into deadly confrontations when knives come out

The student charged with the stabbing picked a good time to attack. The victims were stuck in line between two doorways making it difficult to escape or defend themselves.

6 Week Self-Defense Course Starting Soon!

We will be offering another 6 Week Personal Safety / Self-Defense Course at the Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts. Named best overall school by Black Belt Magazine. The weekday session starts Tuesday February 15, at 7:15pm and the weekend session begins Saturday February 19th at 11:00am In addition to learning a number of self defense […]

Takedown Workshop at Degerberg Academy

Why teach a Takedown Workshop? Being able to take someone off their feet should be part of your self-defense training. Some may object since they can’t imagine themselves taking a bigger opponent off their feet out in the street. That is understandable, but by learning how to take someone down you also can begin to […]

What have we learned from Columbine?

It has been over ten years since the Columbine tragedy. ¬†It appears from this article: http://bit.ly/ZX4q3 that the police have learned a lot about dealing with this type of “active shooter” situation. ¬†Though the new tactics didn’t help at Virginia Tech. or Northern Illinois, it seems that part of the solution to preventing or limiting […]