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Don’t open the Door!

A young woman, living near DePaul University, heard a knock at the door to her apartment. When she went to answer it she found herself staring at a man wearing a ski mask and displaying a handgun.

Loyola University freshman charged with rape

Most young woman think of rape coming at the hands of a stranger, but such is not the case.

Woman’s screams bring Edgewater Beach neighbors to her aid

The attack took place at 5:40 a.m. The 30-year old victim was walking in the alley in the 5600 block of North Kenmore Avenue when the assailant grabbed her. The victim started screaming for the man to let go of her.

Can lecture on ethics reduce sexual assaults in college?

The epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses continues unabated. The Carlisle Sentinel reports that Dickinson College is adding another approach in its efforts to reduce the number of sexual assaults on campus. Dickinson invited Harry Brod, an expert in men’s studies and a philosophy and humanities professor at the University of Northern Iowa, to […]

What has helped U.S. return 99 percent of its missing children to their homes?

Child abductions by family members make up the brunt of such crimes and are resolved quickly. What are more difficult are those cases involving strangers who actively seek out children for abduction. While a small percentage of all child abductions are attributed to strangers the number of those returned safely is only 57 percent.

Victim’s screams bring Good Samaritan to her rescue

The assailant looked up to see Mr. Penska coming his way with shovel in hand, and took off running.

Invitation into apartment leads to sexual assault

He charges after you, grabs you by the ankles, drags you back into your apartment, and chokes you unconscious.

Joe Pa and Company: How could they…?

McQueary’s email states “I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police.” Why is there no mention of this in the Grand jury report? You are under oath when you testify in court, unlike when you are writing what appears to be a self-serving email to friends.

Sandusky says, “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids”

Why was a man in his late 50’s showering with young boys? Based on Based on Sandusky’s telephone interview with Bob Costas, where he declared himself innocent of the sexual abuse charges against him, he didn’t see anything wrong with this behavior.

Don’t Open the Door!

Why would you open the door to a stranger?

What did the man say to get her to open the door?