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Melee on Mag Mile caused more angst than injury

What steps should you consider taking in case the police aren’t there in large numbers to quell the next mob action?

Teen mob melee injures 2: Number could have been much higher

“You saw parents grabbing their babies, and run into stores — one woman had two babies,” said Manny Torres, a salesman at the mall. “It was crazy.”

Is Chicago’s heat wave responsible for the increase in violence?

Is the current heat wave in Chicago exacerbating the already high number of shootings that have occurred in the city’s neighborhoods? The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that fifteen people were shot and wounded in just 6 hours on the streets of Chicago. It was another hot day in the city with temperatures in the upper […]

Teenagers responsible for multiple attacks in Downtown Chicago

The police will have their hands full trying to be everywhere at once so it would be in your best interests to pay more attention to who is nearby and what is going on around you. What can you do to make yourself less of a target?

NATO Summit: Hope for the best and plan for the worst

Be aware that even though you may be patient there will be a lot of people out there who will not. Some drivers may take dangerous chances to get around stalled traffic. Expect the worst and stay alert.

Air & Water Show: Do’s and Don’ts

Scattered among the expected 2 Million attendees will be more than a few people who are there to take anything of value that you leave unattended.

Taste will have more Police, less Violence, and no Fireworks

It is time to head down to Grant Park and take a big appetite with you. The Taste of Chicago starts today and will run through July 3rd. While you are munching on that huge turkey drumstick, look around and see if you can spot the plainclothes police officers that will be at this year’s […]

Mobs on Mag Mile again last weekend?

After all the hooting and hollering about the mob attacks that occurred near Mag Mile on Saturday June 4th, the only mobs you were likely to see this past weekend were wearing Chicago Police uniforms. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel praised police and reinforced to Superintendent Garry McCarthy that he wanted to see every one of the […]