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Instagram used to target college students

A maintenance worker targeted at least 33 women, police say, all college students, tracking their movements through social media and then burglarizing their apartments and houses.

14-year old girl thwarts home invader

What action do you think your children would take if they found themselves in Yasmin’s shoes?

What’s a good way to draw burglars to your neighborhood?

In cases where criminals have smashed windows to enter locked vehicles it was because valuables, like wallets or laptop computers, have been left in plain view, King said.

La Grange family returns home to find unwelcome visitors

What can you do to reduce your chances of having your home burglarized while you are away?

What do a 13-year old girl and a MMA fighter have in common?

What could a 6’2″ 250 pound MMA fighter from the suburbs of Chicago and a little 13-year old girl from the suburbs of Detroit have in common? They both faced danger and came out of their potentially life threatening situations unscathed, but there is more to it than that. A few weeks ago the MMA […]

Homeowners: Beware of Armed Robbers Posing as Delivery Men

Last Saturday was a busy day for armed robbers invading the homes of several victims by posing as delivery men or claiming they had car trouble.

Elderly have another thing to worry about

The elderly are in the cross hairs of predators looking for an opportunity to take advantage of them. Seniors are targeted by criminals when out on the street, and now they have to worry about whether the deliveryman is casing the place for a future robbery.

Black Friday brings bargains and criminals: Avoid becoming a victim

10 things you can do to get your precious bargains safely home.

What can we learn from Kelli O’Laughlin’s murder?

A 14-year old girl arrived at her house last Thursday afternoon after a long day at school, looking forward to enjoying the comforts of home, but unfortunately that was not to be. Instead she walked into, what police believe was a burglary in progress. The life of an innocent young girl ended that afternoon from […]