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Who is responsible for your safety?

In lieu of the recent Washington Post story: http://bit.ly/1zsXBZ regarding the Virginia Tech. gunmen’s medical records, it would seem as though we cannot depend on short staffed college counseling departments to ferret out those among us with the potential to cause such grievous harm to us and our loved ones.  So who can we depend […]

What have we learned from Columbine?

It has been over ten years since the Columbine tragedy.  It appears from this article: http://bit.ly/ZX4q3 that the police have learned a lot about dealing with this type of “active shooter” situation.  Though the new tactics didn’t help at Virginia Tech. or Northern Illinois, it seems that part of the solution to preventing or limiting […]

What would you do?

For years I have taught high school seniors, and incoming college freshmen, not to fight over “stuff.”   If you are attacked or threatened with attack, throw the money in one direction and run in the other.  Your ego might get bruised, but you will come out in better physical shape than you would if […]

Preventing Property Theft

You may be heading to college for the first time, or maybe it will be the start of your 4th, and hopefully last year as an undergrad.  Whichever it may be, you are still going to be a major target for property theft.  The latest statistics for this crime have not gone down on college […]