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Week 2 Self Defense Course

Hello again to all participants.   I am looking forward to seeing all of you again this week.  I have listed the key points we covered in last week’s class. 1) We added 2 kicks to our series of strikes from the fighting stance; they were the low thrust kick targeting the bladder, groin, or […]

Week 1 Self Defense Course at Degerberg

Hi to all participants.  I hope you enjoyed the first class of the 6 week self defense course held at the Degerberg Academy.   Here are a few of the key points that we covered. 1) Fighting Stance:  snap kick to the groin, finger jab to the eyes or throat, palm strike to the nose […]

Most Dangerous colleges?

Do you really care if some blogger decides to do a list of the most dangerous colleges? Apparently the answer is yes!  Especially if your school is listed in those top 25 most dangerous places of higher education.  But what really makes a college a dangerous place to attend?  Is it the crime rate of […]