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Is Your Local ATM Ripping you Off?

Many people fear being robbed while using their local ATM. Stories about being attacked while taking money out of an ATM have been around for years, but what may be even more frightening is how easy it is for someone to steal you blind without threatening you with physical violence. New technologies are making it […]

Black Friday: Shopper Beware

Black Friday: Shopper Beware

Convicted robber killed trying to prevent armed robbery.

Average citizens have been stepping up and helping fight crime in Chicago this year. Convicted felon Bobby Butler joined the ranks of Chicago’s Good Samaritans. He was shot while attempting to prevent the armed robbery of a woman he had spoken to on the train just minutes earlier. More here.

Is crime down in your neighborhood?

There are a lot of people out there who don’t believe any of the announcements about the drops in overall crime in Chicago. Maybe you do, but that doesn’t mean your area isn’t seeing a rise in crime. More here: Keep in mind that where you are most comfortable is where you can be most […]

Does Illinois’ smoking ban put some smokers at risk?

It has been almost three years since Illinois put its public smoking ban into effect. The word is that it is a success, but would most smokers agree with that? There is something to be said about going to a bar or bar/restaurant and not smelling like smoke the next day. The Chicago Tribune recently […]

A crime of opportunity

That is how the murder of Northern Illinois art student, Antinete “Toni” Keller was described. The 18-year-old Plainfield freshman was last seen Oct. 14 when she left her residence hall to work on some art in a wooded area near campus. That’s when Dekalb police believe Curl, who was a frequent visitor to the park, […]