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Was Honeybee Killer Planning Something Worse Than Robbery?

Jason McDaniel, the hero who acted quickly to disarm and kill the assailant with his own gun, didn’t think Gary Amaya was just there to rob the place. He was sure that Amaya was going to hurt or kill them all. What was it about Amaya that convinced McDaniel that he had to do something […]

Suspected Honeybee Gunman Stung by Intended Victim

You head into the tanning salon for your appointment. What awaits you inside is a situation you could never have imagined. You see a young clerk tied up and next to her is a man with a gun and it is pointed right at you. This isn’t some computer game; it is the real thing. […]

‘Tis the Season to be Wary

While you are out buying presents or visiting with friends and loved one’s keep in mind that there are criminals looking to take advantage of your absence. One or possibly two crews of grinches visited the North Shore suburb of Wilmette last week. They came in the form of burglars who broke into 6 Wilmette […]

Violent Crime Is Supposedly Down: Cop Killings Are Way Up!

Sure is good to hear that violent crime in Chicago is down, except if you happen to be a police officer, then the statistics tell a different story. Five police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year — the most in at least 25 years. A sixth police officer was gunned […]