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Could Moscow Airport Terrorist Attack Happen at O’Hare?

The bombing that took place earlier this week at Russia’s busiest airport killed 35 people and injured 180. Investigators say the explosion, which happened in the arrivals hall, was caused by a suicide bomber. Airport spokeswoman Yelena Galanova told Interfax news agency that the explosion occurred in the international arrivals hall in a public area […]

Bears vs Packers; Hazardous to Your Personal Safety?

The big game is coming up this weekend between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Looking forward to watching the game at home where it will be warm and safe? Yes, most accidents happen in the home, but they are usually your own doing, not caused by someone else. So why is the […]

DNA Evidence Links Inmate to Lake View Sexual Assault

A man has been charged with the sexual assault of a Lakeview woman, which occurred last December as she was walking from the CTA station. Good to know this alleged assailant is off the streets. It may provide a sense of relief to some Lake View residents, but it is no reason to let your […]

Women of All Ages Are Taking Action to Defend Themselves

It is great to see that women, young, old, and in between are fighting back against their attackers. Prior to the recent story of the 14 year old girl who’s calls for help were heard by neighbor Augusto Zamora Jr. and his dog Scooby, there was a report of a young girl kicking a man […]

Victim’s Call For Help Brought Augusto Zamora Jr. & Scooby To Her Rescue

You have already heard the story about the good neighbor, Augusto Zamora Jr. and his dog Scooby. They came to the aid of a young girl, who was being sexually assaulted in the front yard next door. It is a great story. Mr. Zamora is to be commended for the action he took to save […]