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Smartphones: Why do we put our safety at risk to answer the call?

We know we should be focused on driving, or the traffic as we attempt to cross the street. We should be paying attention to the person standing next to us on the ‘L’ as we text away, but that phone has its hook into us and we can’t put it away. You have all heard […]

Wolf Packs vs. Apple Pickers

In the red corner are the opportunistic thieves looking for passengers so engrossed in their i-Phones or i-Pads that they fail to notice their apple product is about to be picked, and in the blue corner Chicago Police officers, on the hunt for ‘apple pickers’ hoping to catch them in the act or at least […]

Alert Dad Prevents Parents’ Worst Nightmare

A father’s awareness and quick action prevented his son from being abducted at North Avenue Beach this 4th of July. This father wasn’t focused on an I-Pad or a smart phone; he was playing with his nieces and nephews just before his encounter with a parent’s worst nightmare. He stood up and his son Isaiah, […]