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Black Friday brings bargains and criminals: Avoid becoming a victim

10 things you can do to get your precious bargains safely home.

CTA passenger receives the unexpected for his generosity

The panhandler followed the Lakeview resident off the train at the Belmont stop and gave the man something for his generosity.

Joe Pa and Company: How could they…?

McQueary’s email states “I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police.” Why is there no mention of this in the Grand jury report? You are under oath when you testify in court, unlike when you are writing what appears to be a self-serving email to friends.

Sandusky says, “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids”

Why was a man in his late 50’s showering with young boys? Based on Based on Sandusky’s telephone interview with Bob Costas, where he declared himself innocent of the sexual abuse charges against him, he didn’t see anything wrong with this behavior.

63-year old fights back against muggers – Part 2

Seniors citizens are prime targets for a strong-arm robber. Muggers assume seniors are frail and defenseless and will be easy marks for a strong-arm robbery, but not this time. They didn’t count on Sidney Tyson’s willingness to go down fighting. Mr. Tyson was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. As he began to […]

63-year old victim fights back against muggers – Part 1

You have more years behind you than ahead of you, using a cane to get around after having had a couple of strokes, and while you are waiting for a bus on Chicago’s south side a group of young men jump you from behind and start hitting you as they grab your phone, how would you respond?

What can we learn from Kelli O’Laughlin’s murder?

A 14-year old girl arrived at her house last Thursday afternoon after a long day at school, looking forward to enjoying the comforts of home, but unfortunately that was not to be. Instead she walked into, what police believe was a burglary in progress. The life of an innocent young girl ended that afternoon from […]