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Takedown Seminar at The Degerberg Academy this Saturday

Since more time appears to be spent training to grapple on the ground than on your feet it seemed like a good time to have a workshop focused exclusively on taking someone off their feet using a variety of Folkstyle, Freestyle and Catch-Wrestling techniques. Learning how to take someone down is the gateway to learning how to defend against it!

Weekly Self-Defense Class Begins Saturday, March 24th

This personal safety program will focus on personal awareness, situational awareness and self-defense techniques. You will train in a variety of attack scenarios taken from current crime reporting, situations that you might encounter while at work, home, school or while out shopping.

Fights escalate into deadly confrontations when knives come out

The student charged with the stabbing picked a good time to attack. The victims were stuck in line between two doorways making it difficult to escape or defend themselves.