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What has helped U.S. return 99 percent of its missing children to their homes?

Child abductions by family members make up the brunt of such crimes and are resolved quickly. What are more difficult are those cases involving strangers who actively seek out children for abduction. While a small percentage of all child abductions are attributed to strangers the number of those returned safely is only 57 percent.

Ohio man steals camera from California tourist on Chicago’s Mag Mile

The economy must be pretty bad in Ohio if strong-arm thugs need to come to Chicago to mug people? Allen McCrone, 26, of the first block of Boxwood Court in Springdale, Ohio, found himself in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood this past weekend waiting for the right victim to come along. He thought he found a […]

Englewood homeowner will not be charged in shooting

If you live in a neighborhood where the bad guys have guns does it make sense to own a gun in order to protect yourself as Turner and the unidentified homeowner did?

Victim’s screams bring Good Samaritan to her rescue

The assailant looked up to see Mr. Penska coming his way with shovel in hand, and took off running.

La Grange family returns home to find unwelcome visitors

What can you do to reduce your chances of having your home burglarized while you are away?

Quick thinking saved lives in Oikos University shooting

You are taking class in another room when you hear what sounds like gunshots nearby. What do you do now?