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What can you do to improve Halloween safety?

Looking down at your phone to see who sent you a text may only take a few seconds, but in those few seconds a costumed child might decide to cross the street in front of you.

Woman’s screams bring Edgewater Beach neighbors to her aid

The attack took place at 5:40 a.m. The 30-year old victim was walking in the alley in the 5600 block of North Kenmore Avenue when the assailant grabbed her. The victim started screaming for the man to let go of her.

14-year old girl thwarts home invader

What action do you think your children would take if they found themselves in Yasmin’s shoes?

Stalking on college campuses: An increasing problem (Part 2)

How dangerous is stalking?

Armed robbers picked wrong woman to attack

What follows is a great example of what to do when faced with this type of life threatening situation.

Bears fan’s throat slashed: More questions than answers

What happened in between the time Pettry got up and his friend found him on the floor lying in a pool of blood isn’t entirely clear.

Stalking on college campuses: An increasing problem (Part 1)

“The link between stalking and dying is real, and it’s significant,”