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Are your solar eclipse sunglasses counterfeit?

The solar eclipse on August 21st will be the first to cross the entire United States in almost 100 years. Millions of people will be descending on areas of the United States that many people have never heard of before, hoping to catch a glimpse of the full solar eclipse. Some of them may end […]

Self-Defense Workshop Sunday Aug. 27, 12:00pm

The class has been designed to take advantage of the strengths and skills you have already developed. You will learn to use your brain, voice and body to avoid potentially dangerous people and situations and to physically defend yourself when necessary using a wide variety of self-defense techniques from a dozen different fighting arts.

Personal Safety: How close is too close?

The major takeaway here is that when you establish your personal space you have set a boundary. If you allow someone to break that boundary they may feel empowered to take further liberties, such as putting their hands on you.