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Preventing Property Theft

You may be heading to college for the first time, or maybe it will be the start of your 4th, and hopefully last year as an undergrad.  Whichever it may be, you are still going to be a major target for property theft.  The latest statistics for this crime have not gone down on college campuses.  It would not surprise me if we find in a few years, when crime statistics for last year become available, that property crime was way up.  Bad economies have a way of making that happen.  So take a few minutes and read the article by Michele posted to the College & University Blog over at StateUniversity.com Here is the link: http://bit.ly/d9giE

I especially like the first tip: “Think like a criminal.”  It is a great game to play, to focus your awareness, and to make you more alert to what is going on around you. Remember, college brings a lot of freedom, but with it comes responsibility.

Coach Kress

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  • Christena

    One of the main ways that anything gets stolen in college is in the dorms during a fire drill. Most of the time it is someone pulling the alarm. These people know that people will leave their doors open or will leave them unlocked. I learned a lot about this working for the housing department of my school. As weird as this sounds it is better to lock your door when you leave for a fire drill. If your door is the one where you can lock it without a key then do so, its ok if you lock yourself out. There are usually people there to let you back in because they know it will happen.

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