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Takedown Seminar: Street self-defense and MMA

The official grand opening and first seminar of Hit2Fit Chicago South Loop is coming soon! Come join us for what will for sure be a day to remember!

Posted by Hit2Fit Chicago South Loop on Monday, January 29, 2018

Sean Tazz Lau has invited me to teach “Takedowns For The Street and MMA competition” at Hit2Fit February 17th 2:00pm.

Much of the time spent training in either BJJ or Submission Wrestling is on the ground. The most often cited reason for this is that all street fights end up on the ground. If we assume this is a true statement then how we end up on the ground is just as important, if not more important, than what we do when we get there.

Learning how to take an opponent off their feet is the gateway to learning how to defend against it!

The first half of this 2-hour seminar will focus on MMA Takedowns, Submissions and Takedown Defense
The second half will deal with Takedowns for the Street where the only rule is: “There are no rules.”

To register for the Seminar or to get more information please contact Sean at 773-910-1995.

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