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Self-Defense Workshop Sunday Aug. 27, 12:00pm

Please join me and 2 time Illinois State Wrestling Champion and Olympic training partner Max Schneider for this Personal Safety/Self-Defense Workshop. You will learn strategies for identifying and avoiding potentially dangerous people, places and situations: and how to physically defend yourself.

This personal safety workshop will focus on personal awareness, situational awareness and self-defense techniques. You will train in a variety of attack scenarios taken from current crime reporting, situations that you might encounter while at work, home, school or while out shopping.

It Doesn’t Matter What Age You Are Or What Shape You Are In!

The class has been designed to take advantage of the strengths and skills you have already developed. You will learn to use your brain, voice and body to avoid potentially dangerous people and situations and to physically defend yourself when necessary using a wide variety of self-defense techniques from a dozen different fighting arts.

In edition you will learn how to…

Control your fear
Deal with verbal and physical threats
Avoid Date-rape drugs
Identify verbal techniques predators use to lower your defenses
Defend against a variety of attacks including grabs from in front, behind and how to fight from the ground.

Register for this Self-Defense Workshop at bit.ly/2vqSwhL

Thousands of adult men and women as well as high school and college students have learned how to improve their personal and situational awareness and to physically defend themselves using a wide variety of Martial Arts techniques.

Weekly Self-Defense Classes for Adult Men, Women and teens age 14 and older are taught Tuesday, and Thursday evenings 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

You will learn how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous people, places and situations at work, school, home and on the streets.

You can sign up for Act in Self Defense classes at: fonsecamartialarts.com/self-defense

If you are interested in a Personal Safety/Self-Defense Class for you, your child’s high school, college, business, or organization contact me at ekress@ameritech.net.

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