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What would you do?

For years I have taught high school seniors, and incoming college freshmen, not to fight over “stuff.”   If you are attacked or threatened with attack, throw the money in one direction and run in the other.  Your ego might get bruised, but you will come out in better physical shape than you would if you fight with them over it.  Especially if you are out numbered, as in recent Lincoln Park attacks.  More here: http://bit.ly/ZCqun

I tend to get a bit of push back in the self-defense classes regarding this.  Would anyone be surprised to know it comes from the guys?  Trying to get some 18 year old males to consider that option can be very challenging.  I have suggested that any injury that would require medical attention, will end up costing you or your parents more than throwing whatever amount of cash you have on you, and running for it.  Even the most stupid mugger will chase the money and not you.  However, the ego of a the young adult male has a hard time reconciling that, who am I kidding, the ego of just about any male has a hard time with it.  My one hope is that, having been exposed to the option, they might at least consider it.  In the end they will make a choice, one way or another.  I just hope the choice they make doesn’t end up putting them in the hospital.

Coach Kress

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