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Most Dangerous colleges?

Do you really care if some blogger decides to do a list of the most dangerous colleges? Apparently the answer is yes!  Especially if your school is listed in those top 25 most dangerous places of higher education.  But what really makes a college a dangerous place to attend?  Is it the crime rate of the neighborhood surrounding your campus?  Is it the the number of students from your school who have been attacked in surrounding neighborhoods, not on campus?  Is it the number of reported rapes by either a stranger or acquaintance, even if the school rate is up because they are really good about encouraging victims to come forward?  Right now I am just asking the questions brought about by the recent articles posted here: http://bit.ly/hYQBm and here: http://bit.ly/tMXa what do you think makes your campus a safe or a dangerous place?  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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