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Burglars find Chicago’s north suburbs ripe for picking

CTA train heading into Linden station by Zol87

Burglar crews have targeted Chicago’s North Shore suburbs once again.

In addition to the number of homes that have been burgled in the last few weeks you can also add dozens of unlocked cars sitting in driveways just asking to be robbed.

Why do North Shore residents leave their cars unlocked when they are sitting out on the street or in their driveway?

It isn’t as though this is the first time this type of crime has occurred in the burbs. You can read about items stolen from unlocked cars just about every week.

Many residents feel very safe living in the north suburbs such as Wilmette. After all they really aren’t going to be victimized by their neighbors, but what about people coming in from other areas.

Wilmette Police recently arrested 2 men suspected of being part a crew responsible for a number of thefts in and around the Linden “L” stop.

Why has this crime become so prevalent on the North Shore?

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