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Joe Pa and Company: How could they…?

Joe Pa and Mike McQueary (Photo by Joe Robbins_Getty Images)

Grand jury testimony points to a number of other people employed at Penn State who knew or suspected that Sandusky was sexually assaulting young boys at the university, yet they didn’t do or say anything to stop it.

Why not? Why didn’t someone stop Sandusky?

McQueary now claims, through a recently released email sent to friends, that he did take action to stop the sexual assault. What kind of action? Based on the email, he said he stopped it though not physically.

McQueary’s email states “I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police.” Why is there no mention of this in the Grand jury report? You are under oath when you testify in court, unlike when you are writing what appears to be a self-serving email to friends.

What did the police say when asked about his email? Click here to find out.

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