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Victim’s screams bring Good Samaritan to her rescue

Admon Shasho, 27, is charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and attempted robbery. Photo credit: Chicago Police Department photo

It was close to 4:00 am Sunday morning when the alleged assailant began sizing up his victim. She was walking alone on Lincoln avenue in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago, listening to her i-Pod when the cab driver began stalking her.

The Chicago Tribune reported that when she turned near Sunnyside Avenue, he parked the cab and followed her to an alley in the 4500 block of Oakley Avenue where he grabbed her from behind. He told her not to scream or he would kill her. He held his hand over her mouth and attempted to steal her purse and cell phone.

She began screaming when he pulled her to the ground, removed her clothing and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said.

This is where the Good Samaritan, Ron Psenka came to her rescue. Mr. Penska’s wife heard the victim’s screams. She woke up her husband and told him she thought a woman was being assaulted in the alley.

His wife called 911 and he sprang into action.
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