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75-year old army veteran saved kids from knife wielding attacker

Would you have had a clue how to handle a situation like the one James Vernon faced last Tuesday October 13th, when a knife wielding attacker blocked the only door to the library room holding sixteen children and a handful of mothers and chess teacher James Vernon. He was volunteering his time as a chess […]

Fights escalate into deadly confrontations when knives come out

The student charged with the stabbing picked a good time to attack. The victims were stuck in line between two doorways making it difficult to escape or defend themselves.

Week 3 Self-Defense Course

Thanks again for putting in such a great effort in this week’s self-defense class. Please take a moment to review some of the key things we covered this past week. 1) We discussed what to do when confronted by an attacker armed with a knife.  Try to stay calm and throw whatever valuables they are asking […]