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Instagram used to target college students

A maintenance worker targeted at least 33 women, police say, all college students, tracking their movements through social media and then burglarizing their apartments and houses.

What’s a good way to draw burglars to your neighborhood?

In cases where criminals have smashed windows to enter locked vehicles it was because valuables, like wallets or laptop computers, have been left in plain view, King said.

La Grange family returns home to find unwelcome visitors

What can you do to reduce your chances of having your home burglarized while you are away?

Elderly have another thing to worry about

The elderly are in the cross hairs of predators looking for an opportunity to take advantage of them. Seniors are targeted by criminals when out on the street, and now they have to worry about whether the deliveryman is casing the place for a future robbery.

Black Friday brings bargains and criminals: Avoid becoming a victim

10 things you can do to get your precious bargains safely home.

GPS smash and grabs on the rise!

Do you want to take the time and incur the expense of having your driver’s side window repaired? If the answer to the question is no then keep on reading because we are going to discuss how to keep this from happening to you. To continue reading click here!

Burglars find Chicago’s north suburbs ripe for picking

Burglar crews have targeted Chicago’s North Shore suburbs once again. In addition to the number of homes that have been burgled in the last few weeks you can also add dozens of unlocked cars sitting in driveways just asking to be robbed. Why do North Shore residents leave their cars unlocked when they are sitting […]

Victims fight back when robber threatens to set them on fire

A would be robber doused a storeowner and his nephew with gasoline and threatened to set them and the store on fire if they didn’t give him the money in the register. They didn’t do what the robber ordered instead they wrestled him to the ground and held him until police arrived. Thomas K. Hughes, […]

Was Honeybee Killer Planning Something Worse Than Robbery?

Jason McDaniel, the hero who acted quickly to disarm and kill the assailant with his own gun, didn’t think Gary Amaya was just there to rob the place. He was sure that Amaya was going to hurt or kill them all. What was it about Amaya that convinced McDaniel that he had to do something […]

‘Tis the Season to be Wary

While you are out buying presents or visiting with friends and loved one’s keep in mind that there are criminals looking to take advantage of your absence. One or possibly two crews of grinches visited the North Shore suburb of Wilmette last week. They came in the form of burglars who broke into 6 Wilmette […]